Coco Chocolatier

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Lavender (Milk Chocolate)

Is there a plant more calming than Lavender? Used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years it has a bl..

CAD 9.92$

Salted Caramel 40% (Milk Chocolate)

Salted Caramel, a modern classic and the ultimate indulgence. We use flakes of Sea Salt gathered i..

CAD 9.92$

Gin & Tonic 61% (Dark Chocolate)

Aromatic lemon & lime oils give it its subtle & refreshing taste. Single origin dark chocol..

CAD 9.92$

Isle of Skye Sea Salt 61% (Dark Chocolate)

Luxurious dark chocolate with a pinch of pristine sea salt made on the Isle of Skye. Sweet and comfo..

CAD 9.92$

Earl Grey Tea 61% (Dark Chocolate)

British eccentricity is alive and well with our Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot bar. Rich dark chocolat..

CAD 9.92$