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Chocolate Mini Tablets (30 x 25 gr + Display)

Chocolate Mini Tablets (30 x 25 gr + Display)..

CAD 134.50$

Stone-Ground Chocolate Bar (70% Cocoa Beans)

Stone-Ground Chocolate Bar (70% Cocoa Beans)55 gr..

CAD 8.20$

Ginger Stone-Ground Chocolate 70% Cocoa Availability Upon Request

Ginger Stone-Ground Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Ginger Stone-Ground Chocolate 70% Cocoa55 gr..

CAD 8.20$

Stone-Ground Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate (55% Cocoa)

Stone-Ground Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate 55% Cocoa55 gr..

CAD 8.20$

Orange Stone-Ground Chocolate (70% cocoa beans)

Orange Stone-Ground Chocolate (70% cocoa beans)55 gr..

CAD 8.20$

Peppermint Stone-Ground Chocolate

Peppermint Stone-Ground Chocolate55 gr..

CAD 8.20$

Giandujotti (Gianduja-hazelnut chocolates)

Giandujotti (Gianduja-hazelnut chocolates)150 gr..

CAD 26.90$

"Chicchi di Caffè" Assorted Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans

"Chicchi di Caffè" Assorted Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans150 gr..

CAD 26.20$

Chocolate and Hazelnuts Crunchy Delicacies

Chocolate and Hazelnuts Crunchy Delicacies150 gr..

CAD 26.90$

Be Italian be sweet (Display)

The "Chocolate Factory" display contains: 3 bars each of both Milk with whole hazelnuts and Milk wit..

CAD 138.00$

Assorted Mixed Flavours Display (Sugar Free) Availability Upon Request

Assorted Mixed Flavours Display (Sugar Free)

Assorted Mixed Flavours Display (Sugar Free)..

CAD 166.80$

Cedrata Tassoni (Cedar Pastilles)

Cedrata Tassoni (Cedar Pastilles)30 gr..

CAD 4.00$

Strawberry Candy Originals

Strawberry Candy Originals30 gr..

CAD 4.00$

Cinnamon Candy Originals Availability Upon Request

Cinnamon Candy Originals

Cinnamon Candy Originals30gr..

CAD 4.00$

Wild Berries Candy Originals

Wild Berries Candy Originals30gr..

CAD 4.00$

Orange Blossom Candy Originals

Orange Blossom Candy Originals30gr..

CAD 4.00$

Propolis Candy Originals Availability Upon Request

Coffe Candy Originals

Real Colombian coffe, grown and raped according to tradition, for Candy Originals endowed buy the au..

CAD 4.00$

Absinthe Candy Originals

The string aroma of the Green Fairy's potion, the distinctive Belle Epoque liqueur, meets the classi..

CAD 4.00$

Polar Relief Candy Originals Availability Upon Request

Polar Relief Candy Originals

Polar Relief Candy Originals30 gr..

CAD 4.00$

Spicy Candy Originals Availability Upon Request

Spicy Candy Originals

Spicy Candy Originals30 gr..

CAD 4.00$

Tuareg green tea

Green Tea intensity combines with Peppermint thrist-quenching into Candy Originals flavoured accordi..

CAD 4.00$

Sweets Italia Display

Sweets Italia Display 24 x 15 gr..

CAD 113.20$

Circus Display

Circus Display24 x 15 gr..

CAD 113.20$

Red Kiss

The fresh taste of delicately lemon-flavoured white chocolate cominated with the delicious fruity ta..

CAD 9.35$

Milk Darling

Chocolat au lait aux chouchoux amandes, noisettes et sel de Guérande.100gr..

CAD 9.35$

Sesame Pleasure

Surprisingly mild milk chocolat combined with crunchy roasted sesame seeds.100gr..

CAD 9.35$

Caramelatte Fleur de Sel Guérande

Milk chocolate with hints of toffee and a hint of Guérande salt for a perfect balance of taste.100..

CAD 9.35$

Gianduja 35% Availability Upon Request

Gianduja 35%

Entirely made by hand, this praline hazelnut milk chocolate seduces with its tenderness. It is dis..

CAD 9.35$

Noir Mendiant

Better known as candy, the beggar is a traditional confectionery of the French chocolate factory. Y..

CAD 9.35$

Li Chu

This chocolate is one of the only ones to showcase cocoa beans from Vietnamese plantations. It is c..

CAD 9.35$