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Palets Bretons Pure Butter

Most of us start the day whith wheat toast and butter. These are the main ingredients of the irresis..

CAD 4.45$

Coco ShortBread

Coco ShortBread are the king of the tea-break! Your extremly delicous shortbread.125gr..

CAD 3.10$

Cat's Tongue

The Langue de Chat is almost like the icing on the cake. You can dunk them in your tea or enjoy them..

CAD 3.70$


Does it owe its name to the fact that it gives us as much pleasure as the shade of palm leaves in th..

CAD 3.60$


So soft and melting, the « Boudoirs » are Baby’s favorite biscuit when they cut their first teeth. T..

CAD 5.45$